Starting out with KDKC

The Kawarth Durham Kart Club (KDKC) organizes a Championship Points Series of races for club members. Members own, maintain, set-up and race their own karting equipment. There are different classes based on engine types, age and weight. Drivers can start racing at eight years old and the Masters class takes care of those that are 35+. With both 4 cycle and 2 cycle engine classes and the different age groups there is a choice for everyone. Visitors are always welcome to race with us and there is never any charge for spectators. KDKC tries hard to maintain a fun, family atmosphere to our club racing while encouraging our rookies and developing competitive racers.

Although the initial investment for equipment may be considered high, the cost of go-karting is comparable to playing AA hockey. (hope that didn't scare off too many of you?) There is always good used equipment available from the various kart club websites as well as karting dealers around southern Ontario. Often one of these packages will include many of the 'extras' that are required for racing.

The club is registered as a corporation in Ontario as a not-for-profit group. KDKC is organized and operated by a board of directors and executive elected from and by the membership. There are lots of ways to become involved with the club and help with race days (set-up, timing and scoring, trophies) or other club activities.

The 2014 KDKC race schedule will include events organized and held at our home facility Kawartha Downs and Speedway as well as some special events still to be confirmed. Check our schedule page for updates.

Getting Started FAQ

The following documents should help answer some of the common questions about getting started in karting. There are also links to the 'Getting Started' pages of some of the other kart clubs. Poke around our website, check out our schedule, come watch a race and talk to the karters, gather as much information as possible and contact a member of the club if you have more questions.

Ekarting news is a good source for the latest information in the karting world. focuses on the Canadian scene and Canadian karters. covers more of the American market. They have a Getting Started section but keep in mind some of the information may only apply to American racing.

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