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Doug and Danny Benedict

Former KDKC member and avid club supporter Danny Benedict may be young but he has already developed a veteran’s resume in racing. As some of our members have already shown, Danny also proved that great beginnings in racing start with soap box. At age 6, Danny was crowned rookie of the year in regional soap box competition with several wins including the famous Port Hope Hill, in a simple kit car. Danny graduated to karting with KDKC in 2005 at 8 years of age. With a few years karting experience under his belt, with the help of chief tuner, dad (Doug Benedict), Danny took the Junior Heavy Championship title in 2009.

Having reached the pinnacle of his class, what else is a 13 year old to do? Move up to Mini Stock of course! Again, with a few years experience under his belt, Danny was able to take his first checkered flag in his class at age 16 (one week after his birthday!). This was no small feat considering the fall of 2012 race was a 50 lap invitational and competition was fierce. Adding to that, the Benedict’s had a very rough season with no less than 5 catastrophic engine failures in the second half of the season. KDKC outstanding racer Marlie Owens’ father John (see profile below) was able to lend a helping hand to alleviate the internal engine issues that were plaguing them and was a key factor in guiding Danny to his first win.

With all the bumps in the road for their 2012 season, Danny and Doug were still able to support their roots at KDKC by attending a few public club promotions and Danny served as our starter for most of the season! The peak of the year served justice for Doug and Danny as their team was awarded the Dedicated Pit Crew award for the Kawartha Speedway mini stock class Championship. Well done and well deserved!

Lance Barter

Lance Barter, grandfather of KDKC Junior Light member Owen Williams had his own storied career in racing prior to taking on his current mentoring role with Owen. Back in June of 1966 Lance bought a brand new Triumph Bonneville for a staggering $1360! With barely 40 miles on the odometer (what break in period?), Lance found himself sitting on his bike staring at the tree ready for their first trip down the quarter mile together at the old NHRA tack at Desoronto. The die was cast and Lance went on to a successful career as a tuner, engine builder and driver, running down the 1320 until the track closed in 1982.

After a hiatus from the racing scene, Lance was bitten once again and built a car for his sons to race. They campaigned successfully throughout Ontario and Quebec until 2001. After another hiatus, Lance shifted his sights to developing Owens’ racing talents, starting him at the ripe old age of 4 years old in the precursor to karting: soap box racing. Owen raced over the years throughout Ontario and Quebec, and in 2008 became the Canadian Soap Box Derby Associations pro division champion, no small feat considering there were 70 competitors at one event in Gatineau, Que. As in any racing format, a champion is made with driver skill, tuning excellence and a little luck. Owen proved his skills, the racing Gods were smiling and Lance used his uncanny ability for finding the little advantages (like finding the perfect wheel bearings and soaking polyester wheels in dry ice) to propel Owen to a Canadian championship in a 60 YEAR OLD CHERRY BOMB car!!!!!! This car had an undefeated record in its tenure, proving that soap box is truly based on skill and ingenuity.

Kawartha Downs and Speedway is home to the “Gravity Cavity” at the southwest corner of the parking lot, which not only helped develop Owen into a skilled driver, but also served as a starting point for past KDKC member and current Mini Stock driver Danny Benedict. Those not old enough to get started in karting (7 years old is the starting age in) are encouraged to look into soap box racing as a starting point to a racing career.

Linc Brown

The Brown family play an integral role at KDKC. Dad, Linc, is a board member, mom, Vicki, helps out at big events and Bailey and Mason both have had extremely successful young careers in karting. Linc knows about being involved in the racing scene at a young age. At the tender age of 4 he frequented tracks west of Toronto, mostly Speedway Park in Hamilton. Linc and his dad used to watch the stock cars race while mom was working on race reports for Wheelspin News.

Linc’s first foray into racing was on two wheels, riding motocross for 5 years until the end of his teens. After a few years in karting, Linc realized he was much better on 4 wheels than two. A few years after gaining valuable driving experience, Linc moved straight up to the bigs and started racing late models in 1992. Always a contender on any given night, Linc has had a long and very successful stint racing late models, and continues to do so to this day. A 6 year run with racing’s All Star Series brought many victories and one season produced a 2nd place championship finish, missing the big prize by 1 point! After moving from west to east of Toronto, Linc settled on Kawartha Downs as his home track in 2005, finished second in points in 2007 then took a brief sabbatical from 2009 to 2011, racing karts again in the KDKC Masters Division to keep the juices flowing. 2102 saw a 7th place overall finish to the Kawartha Speedway’s season after making an impressive return to late model racing. One of Linc’s most impressive stats is that he has taken a checkered flag at every track in the province, except Varney Speedway (a track he has never raced at).

Peter Barker

Peter is father to club secretary Penni Barker-Adams and grandfather to Michael Adams. Peter is also a regular contributor to our photo galley and creates the year end DVD that is very popular.

OK , here is one to laugh at. Turn 8, Mosport, 1966, Copper DKW, yours truly probably scorching the track at about 1 min 48!!! Driving attire: golf shirt and slacks. one Lap belt. CC stands for Canada Class, a 1000cc open wheel class.

My fastest lap ever in a much newer car, in 2001, was 1 min 27.9 seconds. ( About 101 m.p.h. average speed.) That is progress in handling, tires and power. I was also wearing a 3 layer Nomex suit, full face SA helmet, Nomex boots and gloves.

The second picture is my last event, in 2001, with Penni, Stephen and Tina crewing as well as Marlene, who is taking the photo. That season enabled me to say I had raced one season or more in 5 decades- 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, and the new millennium.


Peter Barker

Dave Haywood - father to Junior Heavy #96 Jaike

Junior kart racer, Jaike Haywood will learn his race craft with KDKC but, his father Dave Haywood is burning up the oval at Kawartha as driver of Thunder Car #86.

With strong finishes every week and an experienced team owner and drag racing veteran, Team Timeline is in the hunt for a championship at Kawartha Speedway. Jaike is learning a lot with the club and hopes to move up to stock cars in a few years.

Team Timeline and driver Dave Haywood would like to thank sponsors Timeline Freight Systems, Competition Roofing, Top Quality Auto, Xposure Graphics, Madoc Napa, and Boldrick Custom Muffler Centre.

Kyle Hope - Former Senior Light #03

Kyle races his 1995 2.2L Chevrolet Cavalier around the Mosport oval every saturday night.

Kyle finished his first year as the top rookie and fifth overall in the 6 or less class. He is backed up by a great team and supporting sponsors. Residential Auto, Sensational Signs, Standard Auto Wreckers and Wild Tails Pet Care.

Hope Racing

AJ Emms - Senior Honda #10

Besides racing club and Brian Stewart events, AJ runs a Hurricane Midget series. As of this posting he was leading the points. See AJ's Profile on the Hurricane club website.

AJ's sponsors include:

John Owen - OSCAAR #2

John is dad to Novice #2 Marlie. An engine builder by trade John runs the Outlaw Super Late Model stock car circuit around Southern Ontario. See John's Driver Profile on the OSCAAR site.

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